Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 82

Candy Crush Saga Level 82Candy Crush Level 82 is another level in the series that will push your patience over the edge. All these licorice swirls are extremely annoying and always get in the way, so what are you supposed to do? Well, you can follow this simple strategy to beat the level or you can be stubborn and just keep complaining. It’s your choice. But I’ve beat the level so you should probably listen up…

On Candy Crush Level 82 you are given 35 moves to score a minimum of 75,000 points and bring all the ingredients to the bottom. Reaching the score on this level is the last of your problems. Just focus on the getting the ingredients down to the bottom and the points will follow.

First things first, recognize the portals on the bottom and top of the board. They feed from the bottom back up to the top, so any candy or licorice that is not crushed will filter back through the cycle. The problem with this is that the licorice will filter through as well. So your going to need to take out as much licorice as you can. With this said, you don’t need to break all of the licorice to beat this level, but it does get in your way and striped candies can be blocked by licorice swirls.

When starting out Candy Crush Level 82, start breaking up the licorice. Make a clear path to the bottom and use any special candies you make to help with the process. If you get lucky and can pair up 2 special candies, GO FOR IT. This will clear a big space on the board and allow you to bring the ingredient down faster. Not to mention get you a fat amount of points!!!

After clearing most of the licorice and hopefully moving some of the ingredients closer to the bottom, you need to focus on getting the rest of the ingredients through the bottom. Special candies aren’t completely necessary to beat level 82 but its going to be hard without them. With this said, take every opportunity to make a special candy and try to save it for when you need it the most. Vertical striped candies are going to be your most useful tool on this level but horizontal candies can also be of use on the bottom row to take out those pesky candies that block your ingredients.

*Remember* It seems like only 1 ingredient will drop at a time. So you need to get each ingredient through the bottom as fast as possible. So work on the bottom of the board below each ingredient and you shouldn’t have too much trouble beating candy crush level 82.

If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 82, try watching the video walkthrough or just comment below and we can help you out!

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