Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 79

Candy Crush Saga Level 79On Candy Crush Level 79 you’ve got lots of jelly and licorice to crush with a small amount of moves, so your going to have to make every move count.

Candy Crush Level 79 supplies you with 40 moves to destroy all the jelly and reach a minimum score of 100,000 points. Your main focus for this level should be destroying all the jelly but you can’t do this until you control the chocolate thats at the bottom of the board.

The first step you should take on candy crush level 79 is to start working at the bottom of the board. Try to break some of the licorice and get the chocolate taken care of. If you don’t break all the chocolate in the beginning then there really is no way for you to complete the level. The chocolate will spread over all the jelly and you will be back tracking. With this said, break the chocolate then worry about the jelly.

While working on the bottom of the board make sure you are checking the top before each move so that you don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a special candy. Any kind of special candy will be of great help to you on level 79. Wrapped candies can work wonders at breaking up the licorice and meringue but striped candies are just as effective. If you can get a vertical striped candy in the center lane, you can take out both chocolates in one move. This might be hard but some of you might be able to pull it off. Just remember, once you break the licorice, the chocolate will start to spread, so make sure you have some special candies pre-prepped and ready to destroy chocolate cause it will get out of hand unless you take care of it right away.

The last and main tip to keep in mind is using special candy combos. After opening the board and controlling the chocolate, you should have plenty of space and opportunities to create color bombs, wrapped candies and striped candies. Take the time to move these pieces together and it will clear out most of the remaining jelly. If you have troublesome jellies in the top corners or in the center, this is going to be the easiest way to take them out because sometimes, basic combos just can’t get the job done.

If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 79, try watching the video walkthrough or just comment below and we can help you out!

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