Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 76

Candy Crush Saga Level 76Candy Crush Level 76 will attempt to fudge your mind, but it can be easily beaten if you keep your focus on the ingredients.

On Candy Crush Level 76 you are allotted with 33 moves to bring 3 ingredients to the bottom and reach the minimum score of 30,000 points. Focus on moving the ingredients through each board and you will beat candy crush level 76 no problem!

The first aspect of completing candy crush level 76 is understanding how the boards work. Think of it this way…The bottom left board is where everything starts, then it moves to the right board and when something drops through the bottom of the right board, it goes directly to the top left board. This is where the ingredients will fall through the bottom (As you can see by the “little green arrows”.  So simplified, the top left board is the last place the ingredients will go before dropping through the bottom. With this said, working in the top left board will cause candy to move down on the other 2 boards.

The most effective way to get the ingredients moving on candy crush level 76 is by using basic combos. You should be able to make vertical and horizontal candies on this level but don’t waste a bunch of moves making special candies. Just focus on moving the ingredients. The best board to focus your attention on would be the right board. This is because it has the most space and will give you a greater opportunity at creating special candies.

If you have trouble getting the ingredients through the top left board, just use horizontal striped candies on the top of the right board and it will clear out those pesky candies blocking your way. Another option would be using a vertical striped candy on the bottom left board but it will be nearly impossible to form, so stick to the latter strategy.

If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 76, try watching the video walkthrough or just comment below and we can help you out!

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