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Beat Candy Crush  Level 70Beat Candy Crush Level 70

Welcome to the hardest level in the saga, Candy Crush Level 70. Here you will find all the tips, tricks, guides and strategies needed to beat this nearly impossible level. I’m going to help you people beat this disaster of a level with the least amount of stress applied to your precious little hearts. We all hate this level, but it can be beaten with a little perseverance, patience and Boosters! On Candy Crush Level 70, you have 30 moves to destroy all the jelly and score a minimum of 30,000 points. This can be done if you win the lottery, but most of you have probably been stuck on this level for a week…2 weeks…a month? So I’m going to cut right to center of the problem and tell you how to beat this level.

Candy Crush Boosters for Level 70

1. I recommend playing this level a few times without boosters to get a feel for the level and how it flows. Most of you are probably at the point where you want to FLOW candy crush out the window, so this is unnecessary, but if you haven’t played the level yet and your reading this. Take my advice. Play the level first. * Remember, when you run out of lives, make sure you ask all your candy friends for extra lives. Also, when you open up the candy crush app, all the lives that your friends send you can ONLY be used in this one sitting. So if you exit out of candy crush and expect your lives to still be in your message box when you log back in,  They won’t be there. If you want to know a little trick on how to get Free Lives for the Facebook version of Candy Crush, I can show you here. It will give you just about as many chances as you need to beat the level.

2. After realizing that Candy Crush Level 70 is impossible. Go ahead and load up the Boosters. You probably never really use them anyway and I can tell you personally that you won’t need them until your way past level 80 and which by then, you will have plenty more new boosters saved up. For the boosters, use what ever you have. You don’t have to use all of them, but the more you use, the greater your chance at beating this level. Once you do beat Candy Crush Level 70, you won’t even care that you used all your boosters. You’ll just be glad your done with this damned level.

3. Once you’ve selected your boosters of choice on the level 70 menu, go ahead and click PLAY. Don’t be afraid to select all your boosters because you might wish you did once your near the end of the level. To give you an idea of how many boosters to select, watch the video thats provided below. I filmed and edited the video myself so I’m just talking from my experience and I’m telling you now, This is the best/easiest way to beat the level. Sure you can beat it without the boosters but its not worth your time and struggle. Trust me on this one and you will thank me later.

4. Don’t use your boosters right away. Try to make as many moves as possible without them first, then use them when your desperate. The only reason you should use the boosters right away is if your guaranteed to destroy all the chocolate. If you destroy one row of chocolate, it will just spread back into the same spaces over the next 4 moves. So don’t waste your special candies unless you have to.

When you first start Candy Crush Level 70, start on the top right corner of the board and make basic combos. Do not break the licorice yet. This will release the chocolate and make your life miserable. You don’t want to release the chocolate until you have a few special candies lined up or boosters on hand to take it all out at the same time.

Once you run out of moves on the top right corner, you can move to the left side of the board and look at your options. Don’t waste too many moves making basic combos on the left unless you have the possibility of creating a special candy. Otherwise, I would go ahead and use a special candy. This doesn’t necessarily mean a striped, wrapped or color bomb, you can also use some of the boosters that are provided in the top right corner of the Candy Crush Screen. These are boosters such as the sweet tooth booster (highly effective versus the chocolate and might even take out all the chocolate in one move if used at the beginning). The icon looks like teeth if you didn’t get the memo. But this “sweet tooth” can also save your life when the chocolate starts to get out of control. So use’em if you got’em. For the special candies, you need to use them as efficiently as possible. Horizontal striped candies are only effective when they are on the left side and the opposite goes for the vertical striped candies. Wrapped Candies are most effective on the right side, where they can break through the licorice or chocolate, depending on what your trying to do. Color bombs are most effective when they are paired with another special candy. If you use a color bomb by itself on level 70, your pretty much wasting it. I made that mistake and still beat the level but I would like to see you succeed where I failed. Color bomb plus a wrapped candy on the right board will basically beat the level in one move. A Striped Candy plus a color bomb will work wonders no matter where they are located. So choose wisely.

Remember…take your time.

This simple tactic can be over looked and can cause you to waste a life and the boosters you might have selected. Wouldn’t you rather spend 10 minutes on 1 attempt to be successful or race through the level and fail multiple times? If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 70, just comment below and we can help you out!.

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    • Curt Crusher says

      Hey Wendy,

      If your playing on the Facebook version of candy crush, you should be given 1 or 2 teeth boosters after beating level 52 of Candy Crush. There are no teeth boosters on the mobile version of the game. Otherwise, you can buy 3 for $10, but this is not recommended. They should be located on the top right corner of the Candy Crush Screen.

  1. Rose says

    How do you get boosters without buying them? I am on mobile device and don’t have any showing on top right. Can’t get past level 70 without them!

  2. says

    don’t have any boosters left for level 70 is there any way of getting boosters without buying them or any way of winning game without them im getting ready to quit this game

    • Doc says

      Joanne, You can beat this level without boosters. It just makes it a little easier with boosters. The best way to get free boosters is by collecting your daily boosters each day and stockpiling them. You aren’t going to get the best boosters each day but something is better than nothing. If you don’t want to use boosters, i recommend using the Free Lives for Candy Crush Guide that will help you get unlimited lives so that you can try over and over again.

    • Curt Crusher says

      If you normally play on your mobile phone, I recommend trying this level on a computer. Here is the trick, when you open candy crush on facebook, you will see that you have 5 lives. Once you see this, DON’T PLAY yet. Open a few more windows, like 4 or 5 and open the facebook candy crush again. After this, you will have 5 different pages open of Candy Crush With 5 Lives. The key here is to play one window at a time and when you run out of lives in one window, go to the next. BEWARE!!! Don’t refresh your page because all your other windows will sync to the refresh, meaning you won’t have 25 lives anymore (5 lives per window of facebook candy crush). Hope this helps.

  3. Liza C says

    I’m struggling with level 70, will try your suggestions. Can you tell me why I have suddenly lost my daily spins and how do I get it back?

  4. lara says

    Hi I cannot get past level 70 im so frustrated im ready to delete the game. Plus I have lost my daily spinning wheel which used to help me. How do I get it back

  5. Gatonoir says

    The only reason to make a level this hard is so that people will pay money to try and beat it. I refuse to pay to win, but that means I may ditch Candy Crush since winning Level 70 without cheats requires you to get a good setup and to get lucky. Takes the fun out of it. I’ve gotten down to only one jelly twice but don’t know if I want to waste more of my life on something so meaningless.


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