Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 65

Beat Candy Crush Level 65

Beat Candy Crush Level 65

Candy Crush Level 65 can be a tricky level if you don’t use the right strategy. So follow these simple tips and you you will beat the level with ease.

On Candy Crush Level 65 you have 40 moves to clear all the jelly and score a minimum of 120,000 points. This is probably one of the hardest candy crush levels that you’ve played so far, so make sure you are patient with this level. Make every move very carefully and take every opportunity to open up the licorice cages.

The first step to completing Candy Crush Level 65 is containing the chocolate or completely getting rid of it. This will allow you to focus mainly on breaking the annoying jellies that are stuck on the sides of the board. Trying to break these licorice cages should be your main focus the entire time your playing level 65. If you keep working at opening up the cages, you will simultaneously break the jelly in the center of the board, so don’t waste your time with basic combos in the center.

The best way to beat Candy Crush Level 65 is by using special candies.

This is obvious, but its how you use the special candies that matters. You should be able to make plenty of special candies and have them waiting around to be used efficiently. For instance, if you have a striped candy that isn’t aligned with a licorice cage, try to make a basic combo below it to drop it down 1 space. Once you do this, activate the striped candy and clear out the lane. This will leave the jelly vulnerable, but there are still 2 layers that you have to break through.

Another way to handle these troublesome jellies in the corners is by using color bombs. You shouldn’t have to much trouble trying to make at least one or 2 color bombs on this level so once you do, use it wisely. You can use the color bomb on its own and it can be effective but its a smarter move to keep it around for a special candy combo. If you can combine a color bomb with a striped or wrapped candy, you can clear a good amount of the board with one move. This is the strongest technique to follow for candy crush level 65 and will most likely land you with a 3 star finish.

Remember, you have 40 moves on this level, so be patient.

If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 65, try watching the video walkthrough or just comment below and we can help you out!.

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