Tips to Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Candy Crush Saga Level 102

Beat Candy Crush Level 102

Candy Crush Level 102 is arguably one of the hardest levels to beat on Candy Crush Saga. Right here you can find the perfect strategy, tricks and tips that you will need to beat this level.

Requirements to Beat Level 102

On Level 102, you are given 40 moves to bring down 4 ingredients and reach a minimum score of 65,000 points. This level can be very aggravating and can sometimes seem like it was designed for you to fail. I was convinced this was the truth until I came back the next day and beat the level my first try. This is why I am here to help you get the same result and Beat Candy Crush Level 102. So listen up…

Before I explain how to beat the level, there are a few pointers that you should keep in mind. First of all, it might be easier for most of you to play this level on a mobile version of the game. This will allow you to reset your board if you don’t like what it gives you. This can be a big factor in beating level 102.

Also, playing a few times then putting the game aside is a good tactic to follow. Sometimes you will get so frustrated with some of these levels that your not playing with a clear mind, so you need to back away from the game for a day or 2, then come back to the same level with a fresh perspective. This simple tip can go a long way. This worked for me and I feel like the boards were setup way better then they were the day before. It might have something to do with resetting the system but either way, a fresh start is key.

Tips and Tricks to Beat Candy Crush Level 102.

First step is to take out the bombs. As soon as you see a bomb, you need to destroy it. Especially once you near the end of the level because you don’t want that “1” bomb to be the reason why you lost the level. Even though you’d gotten almost all the ingredients down. This can be annoying, so keep the bombs in check.

While keeping the bombs in check, you need to start making special candies. These special candies will be your only ticket to getting to the bottom of the board. Vertical striped candies can open up the lanes on the bottom and cause candy to filter in from the top. Once you get some candy in the bottom board, hopefully you can make some basic combos to destroy the rest of the meringue.

If you don’t have any basic combo possibilities on the bottom board with the meringue and licorice, then your going to have to continue making special candies on the top. The best way to break up all the meringue and licorice with the least amount of moves is by using a special candy combo. A wrapped candy + striped candy can work great for level 102 but combining one of these with a color bomb will be even more devastating. Not to mention that it will almost clear everything on the board and most likely drop all the ingredients present through the bottom.

Once the bottom board is cleared of meringue and licorice, the rest of the level should be a piece of cake. Just stick to basic vertical combos or use striped candies to get the ingredients through the bottom.

If you are still having trouble beating Candy Crush Level 102, try watching the video walkthrough or just comment below and we can help you out!


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  1. jackie nichols says

    why are you busted on level 102 after only a very few moves? It doesn’t give you the chance to kill the bombs!!! And then you have to wait for 25 or so minutes before you can try again. Hate this level!

  2. carol says

    Thanks to your suggestions…..I became patient and was sure to reset the board. It took me a day to overcome this hard level. Re-read your strategies and found that a stripe/sprinkle combo worked well.

  3. tammi says

    How do u get special candies there is never enough four in a rows and the bombs drop to often. I never get enough striped candies to break the bottom. I have been on this level 4 days about 15-20 lives each day and see no way to pass

  4. Dave says

    Managed to beat level 102 and it has promptly taken me back to level 1 instead of level 103 !
    Any ideas how to get back where I should be ?

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